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Advice for this year's speakers

Hello everyone!


We are so excited for this year's Security Congress in New Orleans. There's a lot of members of this Community that spoke at last year's Congress in Austin. 


I was hoping you could share your advice for those working on speaker submissions for this year. Any tips, recommendations, words of wisdom? 

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Contributor II

I may be a submitter this year, if I can get my thoughts together and work says it’s ok. I did present at vBSDCon in September on a security-relevant topic (FreeBSD kernel RNG). I assume a room full of OS developers is a different audience, but it was my first “stand up in front of more than 4 people” type presentation since college about 12 years ago.

What helped me was interacting with people likely to be in my talk beforehand so that there were more friendly faces in the audience. It helped that many people I’d known online for 10+ years, but this was the first time meeting in person. Also, trying to keep domain-specific language to a minimum and explain. If the audience disengages, i’m fairly sure most good speakers can tell. Just because you work in a specific niche doesn’t mean everyone in attendance has all the background, even if they are experts in adjacent areas. Keep in mind people that are in your talk are there to learn, especially if there are competing tracks and they chose yours.
-- wdf//CISSP, CSSLP
Contributor I

  1. Have a catchy title - not only does it help to make you stand out to the the judges but also the audience when looking to choose a session.
  2. Be clear to your teaching objectives in the proposal.  Additionally, make sure you review those at the beginning and end of your session too!
  3. Make sure to answer the questions that are being asked by the proposal.  Use all of the letters available to you!
  4. If you're proposing a topic that's been heard of before, make sure to have a fresh spin on the concept or a different perspective
  5. Think about if the topic is something your colleagues would want to attend.  Ask around 🙂


ISC2 Team

Hi there! 


If you need help convincing your boss, we have just the thing! Check out our speaker justification letters below Smiley Wink


Hope to see you in New Orleans!