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Community Manager

Welcome to the (ISC)² Nigeria Chapter Group Hub!

This group hub has been designated for (ISC)² Nigeria Chapter members to be able to connect, communicate and collaborate with one another. Feel free to post ideas, share insights, and exchange any resources that will be beneficial to the chapter. There are four different potential areas based on your chapter’s preferences where you can post:


  • Discussion Forum – communicate and collaborate on a variety of topics of interest 
  • Blog – review and publish news and insights
  • Knowledge Base – store and share valuable information or data
  • Idea Exchange – post and comment on various ideas and suggestions

Please note the (ISC)² Community Guidelines apply to this group hub. Please observe the rules and guidelines accordingly. If you have any questions, contact


Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
6 Replies

Thank you Ma


Hello ma’am, I’m new here I’m also new to cybersecurity and the tech world so I’ll need all the help I can get, but my first question is, Is there an exam center here in Nigeria to write my cc exam?

Pearson Vue has centers for your CC Exams in Nigeria. Go to their website
and check where you can get the center closest to your location and when
you can register to take your exams.

Best Wishes



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Good day Taibat.
Thanks for the response.

I finished the training for CC last month July, and when I tried booking the exams on Pearson VUE, I discovered that the centers listed were only in Lagos and Kaduna.

The Pearson VUE centers in Benin City, Asaba and Port Harcourt are not listed. I live in Warri and this has posed a big hindrance to writing the exams as the distance to a center means that I have to travel almost 400km to and same for the return trip. As well as I have to get accommodation.

I think ISC2 should consider expanding the list of centers where her exams can be taken.

This will help to deepen participation in the cybersecurity space within Nigeria.

Thank you.
Viewer II

Hi Tabitat, thanks for this information, I went on the Pearson VUE website to check for centers and I have one question I’d like for you to clarify for me, on the select qualification tab, there are three drop downs or two depending on the location you choose, Edexcel, Btec and LCCI, pleas what category does the CC exams fall under? Thank you