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Verification not working - member since 2018

I am a ISC2 members from 2018 and have passed my CISSP exam then. I checked my member verification today and was getting an error that no results found. Can you please help me with this. 

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Someone emailed you on March 25th to assist. If necessary, please send a new email to to reopen your case. Please include your name, email and Member ID number. 


I see your Member Verification is working here: 


If it is a Credly badge issue, please email the member support email and include that information that your credly badge is not working. 

ISC2 Community Manager
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I saw the same recently, and just adding it to this thread since what I saw looks to be be the same thing... and sometimes these things just stay in place unnoticed (brand new provisional CISSP and wanted to see what it showed. And see if I am the miracle child that got through his provisional in 24 hours? .I have the CC so why not see if anything changed? (right? going to check every few hours for the first week, then twice a day, then...)


You might have ended up at the QA site and it is easy to miss.


Doesn't looks like QA's robots.txt excludes QA being indexed at all and it is the first hit when using duckduck go and you search "cissp member verification" or  "isc2 member verification." I've seen similar in google tonight but don't remember the exact string (Google seems to miss it altogether if you search those)


Oops... just checked bing... same behavior as duckduckgo  but once you get to the traditional listing (and both get you closer than Google)


robots.txt for myqa allows the whole site to be indexed (still today)


User-agent: *    # applies to all robots
Allow: /      # allow all
Disallow: */secur/forgotpassword.jsp?*