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Professional Blog Posts and CPE Credits

Can you tell me the requirements for a professional blog post as it pertains to the "contributions to the profession / writing, researching and publishing" category? 


There is a required field for Publisher, however, there is no field for a web link. 


Can the post be published in my company's blog as long as it relates to a related domain?






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@mnorton Yes, you may submit CPEs for writing a professional blog post. Please see the information from the CPE Handbook below on how to submit. 


Contributions to the Profession: Writing, Researching & Publishing

* Professional Blog - 10 CPEs per blog as author, 5 CPEs per blog as co-author, 2 CPEs per blog as editor.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance


But *how* do you do this?  As the OP states, there is no entry for the URL, and the "save and continue" does not continue if you select any other choice (Article, professional, etc.)

ISC2 Former Staff

Hello @mbonsack


If you reach out to Member Services, they would be more than happy to help you with this. You can get in touch here


You may also find the Guide and Tutorial attached to this article helpful



Samantha O'Connor
(ISC)² Online Community Manager

I think what OP and myself also want to know is what qualifies as a professional blog. If I have a blogging platform and write an article on say nmap would it qualify as a professional blog? For instance would this qualify:

Viewer III

Not sure why nobody replied, so I do for whoever has the same question.


Yes ! Your great blog article on nmap definitely deserves the 10 CPE credits. In absence of any clear ISC2 definition of "professional  blog" I assume it is a blog about your profession in the security area.