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No CPE credits assigned to submitted Group B CPE, do not see any credits and cannot edit CPE's


Not sure if I didn't include the credits when I submitted. I thought I did. Anyway to edit to add them?


CPE related to management courses.




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Newcomer II

Similar issue here - I added attendance at a chapter formation meeting under group B, definitely included the credits, and there is no title, credits or domains listed - and the only option is "Delete" (which is the only option I've ever seen for any CPEs in the new system - has anyone seen an Edit button??).


--- Kim Jordan, CSSLP, SSCP
Community Champion

There is no edit ability yet.  Just add it again with the correct information and delete the incorrect record.


And yes, it was available in the old system. (ISC)² undoubtedly has this on the fix list.  They have already said they are prioritizing items that prevent people from submitting CPEs (e.g. login failures).  I'm not expecting to see editing, improved reporting or a more streamlined entry process till 2019 (not that I have any insider knowledge).


Hello all,


Please know, this is a known issue with Group B CPEs. Once submitted, you will see the CPE submission as accepted; however, you will not see a credit value. If this is happening to you, please send me an email at with your primary email address on file and member ID number and I will approve your Group B CPEs.


Best Regards,
Amanda Vance