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Newcomer I

Maintenance fee service down- urgent attentions required

Hello ISC

You  guys teach the whole world how to maintain CIA and now yourself fail to make the service available.

I tried different card, different PC but not working

I tried to call EMEA by phone but phone going to vice mail.

I sent three emails to EMA, Info, and project no answer other than automated message


So its not only service down but support is also down,

DO you guys not have any alert if any service is down ?

DO you guys have not information or your members if any service affected globally ?

DO you guys have any reporting system ?

Is there anyone reading emails of support cases ?

Is anyone picking up phone, do we have enough agents to pickup phone ?

DO we see how many messages are in the voice system ?


I believe you guys failed on all aspect of service and maintenance and informing your own members or stakeholders.


What a shame, I believe ISC must have lost some reputation with this service. its time to take some actions against those who are owner of this service.


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ISC2 Team

Thank you for posting about your experience with the paying your annual maintenance fee. From your account, we can see that earlier on June 1st, a message was sent to the email address on your account, to provide you with an update on this matter. If you are continuing to experience the same obstacle when paying your annual maintenance fee, please contact Member Support again, or via phone +44 (0)203-960-7800, United Kingdom
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. GMT.