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ISC2 membership web site remodeling competition

Nope, sorry, this is not an actual thing.


But it should be.


Every change that has been made to the membership web site in the last year and a half, has made things more difficult, less user friendly, and has made many of us scratch our heads and ask... wtf. imo of course.


I spend less time on the site now then I used to, and if it weren't for the community which I enjoy (even if it is seemingly only inhabited by a few people), I wouldn't even connect unless I couldn't find what I wanted elsewhere.


Time that ISC lifts it's head out of the sand and either finally gets it, and fixes things so that the web site of such an esteemed organization mirrors the technological know-how and abilities it is supposed to show, works in a way that ensures the members like using it, find it easy to navigate, can log-in to all the different sub sites (community and learning for example) using the same credentials they logged into the main web site with, and please, oh lord please, someone get rid of the horrendous changes made to the CPE section.


If not, then open up for a competition among members, allowing those that can (for pay of course), design a modern, working, friendly, enjoyable web site experience. I'd be glad part of my new costs went towards that.


It shouldn't be that difficult to do, and the designs which the respondents give, can be voted on by the membership at large, the winner being given a specific time to get things working either by fixing the current site, or building a completely new one from scratch.


Either way, It's about time someone listened to the members and did something about it.


It's shameful to say the least as it stands right now.


Mike Glassman, CISSP
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> Frank_Mayer (Newcomer III) posted a new reply in Member Support on 07-11-2019

> To top it off the membership verification site
> att has been
> down for at least two days

I suspect it's down permanently. For some reason ISC2 seems to have switched to
(Possibly something to do with tying everything back to the new payment system

> and the digital badges from Aclaim showing our skilss
> and verification are broken now after working for years.    

Ah. Hadn't known that ...

(Whatts! We losts badges! Oh! The Precioussssss!!!)

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Quick update, I found out that since my renewal was on the cusp of the Web Site change, it will be resolved on or before 15 July.
Community Champion

@AlecTrevelyan wrote:


With the old one you could send a link with your name and member ID prepopulated.

That functionality is available with the Acclaim Digital badges (example), with the added benefit of not disclosing your member ID number.


The only real downside to the acclaim solution is that you need to set it up (although that gives you control over what is displayed) and that it has the word "badge" on it, which causes discontent for a few members of our community.

Community Champion

Thanks @denbesten.


Even though I use links to my Acclaim badges on my LinkedIn profile (I've made this comment before - see link below) there is something to be said about validating someone's certs directly with the cert vendor as opposed to through a third party. So being able to do that easily through a single URL which prepopulates the required fields just makes everyone's lives easier.


Community Champion


Yes, I just tested it too. I must say I was a bit surprised that it went smoothly --- the way things are going with the rest of the site, I was expecting an error or at least some lag when I clicked on 'Search.'   Man LOL





Shannon D'Cruz,
Community Champion

@AlecTrevelyan wrote:

...validating someone's certs directly with the cert vendor...

Too bad that the Acclaim badge site does not have an (ISC)² URL, like was done for community and cpe to implicitly let everyone know that the third-party is authorized.



Community Champion

@denbesten wrote:

@AlecTrevelyan wrote:

...validating someone's certs directly with the cert vendor...

Too bad that the Acclaim badge site does not have an (ISC)² URL, like was done for community and cpe to implicitly let everyone know that the third-party is authorized.



Not sure what you mean by the CPE portal as you'd need to give someone your login for them to use that to validate your certs.


With regards to the Community badge system, I can tell you for certain that is not a source of truth so can't be used for validation.


I have one certificate badge (ISSAP) that should show up that doesn't, and one certificate badge (ISSMP) that does show up but shouldn't - not yet anyway!


Defender I

@Scottmage wrote:
I wonder if they have heard of

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
The U.S. Department of Defense is commited to making its electronic and information technologies accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C § 794d), as amended in 1999.

We have to post it on the site I help support - AND we have to be compliant as well.


Section 508 applies only to sites (and any computer interfaces) of U.S. government activities.

Thus, the (ISC)2 sites are not mandated to meet Section 508 requirements.

That said, it has some excellent guidance and standards, and I believe should be used by any and all web sites and computer programs.

Lots of good information at the official support site:






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I apologize for the non-clarity.  I was not proposing cpe nor community be used as a source of certificate validation.   I was responding to your observation that the chain of trust is missing with


Today, we ask "who is and what right do they have to validate a certificate?".   This is a good question that does not come up with communitycpe, webportal2 or www.  We understand those all belong to (ISC)² because they all end in "". Fixing the lack of trust could be as simple as changing the site name to "".


Community Champion

Ah ok, I understand your point now. Yes, pretty much all of ISC2's infrastructure is now delivered by 3rd parties, such as Lithium and Salesforce so I guess Acclaim is just another of their partners.


However, Acclaim do have more partners than just ISC2 (pretty much everyone for whom Pearson VUE proctor exams), so that may pose some issues with branding when accessing a member's Acclaim profile through the domain that also has another vendor's certs attached.


Unless they can restrict the Acclaim profile to show just the ISC2 certs when it's accessed through the domain of course.