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ISC2 Salary Survey

So I got in my email today the 2017 ISC2 Salary Survey.  I have always done these regardless of the organization asking for more than 20 years.  First they were sponsored by a Certification Magazine I use to get, then by various organizations like ISC2 and others.  I think I even have some of the old ones printed out and on file from my previous careers.


But other then a metric on the value of the CISSP and related certifications that the membership hold.  What is it really doing.  I have never regardless of employer been able to use the information for a larger raise or bonus.  I have never seen it help me except in negotiation of a possible new position with another company.  But in general when I have mentioned it to management the simply say you can use it to help you find a new job.


Now I am starting to wonder what other members feel about the survey and how they have either used it or encountered issues with it.


I will say this I do see some design issues in it every year, but that is cause I am a 6 Sigma with a specialization is survey design.





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Re: ISC2 Salary Survey

I see the value in seeing how salaries are trending in our industry.


If you want to get a raise you have to sometimes show your value to your agency. Just showing them survey results and saying "See how much more other people are getting paid! You should give me more!" will probably not get you very far in negotiations. Some times you do have to apply for another job AND get another offer in order to force the company you are with to recognize your value. Why should they pay more for what they already have? You have to show them your financial worth.


Another way you could use these surveys would be to use them in context when you ask for your raise. You could say "Here are the results for what people in my position are getting in this area. If I were to leave, chances are you would have to pay more to get someone to replace me. Plus you would have to train them and give them time to learn the organization so it makes financial sense to increase my compensation."