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I Provisionally Passed CISSP exam on 11/19/2018, still no official results from (ISC)2

I Provisionally Passed CISSP exam on 11/19/2018. I was led to believe I would receive something in the mail. (ISC)2 doesn't have my email. I just created my (ISC)2 account today. What gives?

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Congrats on provisionally passing the CISSP exam, nadeautj!


Presumably ISC2 do have your email address which they would have received from Pearson. However, I read on another thread there are delays in sending out the official exam result notification emails to the candidates:


You say you have just created an account on the ISC2 site, was that on the main site or just here in the community? They are separate things so have separate account databases which get linked together at some point.


If you did create an account on the main site, I presume if you used the same email address that you registered with Pearson it should have said you already have an account as one should have been registered for you. If that is the case then use the recover password method to attempt to gain access and progress your endorsement application:


Otherwise, I'd give Support a call on Monday to find out what's happening.


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That's cool.  How did you get the editor to accept the HTML code?  It usually complains ...


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Coz 1337 h4x0r!


They added a random tag to the first message so maybe they were using the tagging mechanism to try and insert their XSS test?


I would test it out but I don't want to break the Internet, and have all ISC2 base are belong to me!




@nadeautj Congratulations on passing the exam. To confirm, if you took the exam with Pearson VUE, then (ISC)² does in fact have your email address on file with an account. If you just created another one on Friday, you will now have duplicate records which will need to be merged. As it was mentioned in another comment, we are experiencing a delay in the exam results email going out from around the date you took your exam. To merge your records and ensure we received your exam results, please send me a DM or email ( with your (ISC)² ID number and the two email addresses you would have used to create the accounts.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

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So many Awesome one liners... I don't have an AMAZING button, otherwise I'd click it lol