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How do Employers Verify Member Certifications?

How do employers verify claims of (ISC)2 certification at the web site?

The old site had a page to query using a claimant's first and last names and (ISC)2 member number. 

I have searched all over the new site and find absolutely no information on how to confirm that someone holds a current certification.


Please do not respond that certified members should provide the employer with a copy of their digital certificate or Acclaim badge. In keeping with proper direct verification from the certification organization, the employer needs to be able to communicate directly with (ISC)2 for verification, with no intermediate step through the claimant.


Thank you.



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@686576 wrote:

Why this Member ID hasn't been changed to "optional"?  Everyone would be able to verify the status of CISSP of a specific person querying by First+Last Name. 

When your parents picked your name, I'm sure they didn't copyright it, so there's the small possibility of other certification holders having the same name. The member ID on the other hand, can be kept unique, at least for people with the same names. Also, if you want to apply for a visa, you'll facilitate the embassy with you passport number, & not your name, right?




Or at least the member ID should be publicly queriable.

I don't provide my member ID to people unless I want to inform them that I'm a CISSP, and let them validate that. Back to the passport, I'm sure you wouldn't be comfortable if people could query your passport number using your name. (That being said, I don't know it's possible online)




Some people lost the membership of CISSP by cause of not achievement of the minimal requirements (collection of CPEs, pay for a membership,...)

Exactly how does this relate to the certification validation means you wanted?




I have other certificates and everyone can query just for my first+last name to get the confirmation about it. 

Which certs are you referring to? For mine --- including those from ISACA & Microsoft --- validation requires facilitating a member ID / certificate number / name, or a combination of these.






Shannon D'Cruz,
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After you enter your cert info on LinkedIn, it should be auto-verified on your LinkedIn page if you have one.  I believe the following link is also publicly available for verification if needed.  Double check that you can access this link without being logged into with an account.




The Certification Verification tool link is no longer valid.