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Re: CCCure



Now, I am going to have to set aside a little time this weekend to go through and see for myself what is current with the engine, suggest those with questions or doubt do the same. Sounds like you have taken things to the next level and have my thanks from many years ago, helping me prepare and successfully pass the CISSP. 


Keep up the good work.


- b/eads

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Re: CCCure

@rslade wrote:
OK, this is starting to get ridiculous. (Suits for libel? Get real ...)

I'm sure all involved thank you for dredging this up again fully 24 hours or more after the ruckus had died down!


The reality is, a defamatory statement was made which was rightly refuted. Of course it would be up to Clement if he felt his business had been damaged by the statement and he wanted to seek recompense through libel proceedings, hence the use of the phrase "potentially libellous statement". Smiley Wink


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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

Hi Amanda,


Below was my study plan but I failed the exam in April 2019, I am looking to study again as I had family issues but I want to come back to track. Could you please advise what should I be doing this time?


thank you


Here was my study plan which I followed: 
1. Started studying in November 2018 with Kelly Handerhan videos
2. Completed Sybex book 3 times cover to cover until March 2019.
3. Completed 11th hours 3 times until March 2019
4. Practiced  Sybex questions which were close to 1200 and scored 60% in first attempt and second/third attempt during the month of March was 75~78%
5. Completed Boson practice test and scored 65% during first attempt and second attempt was 75%
6. Completed Mc-Graw Hill practice test and scored 60% during first attempt and second attempt was somewhere close to 70%
7. Thor questions from past three months which I felt was easy every time I tried.
In addition to above during the last month of March I studied 11th hour, prashant memory map and sunflower notes two times at-least. I also practiced some practice test from my friend's bootcamp "kalpnex".
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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

Good day, Amanda,

It seems you are always studying at large. I think it is time for you to
focus on what you don't know.

Look at your exam results and focus on the domains you were below
proficiency. What score did you get and what were the domains proficiency

It seems you have plenty of resources and did plenty of studying but still
came out short. Do not put too much pressure on yourself, treat the exam
just like another practice test.

Best regards



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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment


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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

thank you for replying so quickly, please see the attached result.

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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

Now all you need to add is studying the conceptual part. Check out Greenblatt's training videos. I believe it's $100 for his latest videos (search his website and request them).

Newcomer I

Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

thank you! is it worth buying those videos?

Should I read official CBK or do the same what i did last time?

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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

Hi @raisy ,


Firstly, disclaimer:  I passed the CISSP in 2017. 

My resources (obviously get the newest editions of these books, unless trusted sources indicate otherwise)

My core books were the Syngress CISSP Study Guide 3rd Edition (Conrad) and the Sybex Official Study Guide 7th Edition (Stewart). 

My secondary references (when I wanted to get a deeper/clearer understanding of a concept, especially when I got a practice question wrong) were (in order of liking): Official Guide to the CBK 4th Edition and the ubiquitous All-in-One Guide 7th Edition by Shon Harris (RIP). People have commented that the CBK is dry, dry, dry :-) I personally found it to be a more engaging read…BUT WARNING…the index (IMO) left alot to be desired! Personally, I bought but did NOT read Shon Harris’ book apart from the occasional cross-check. Personally, I found it WAY TOO DEEP for the exam, BUT it IS an excellent on-the-job reference.


For videos, I *highly* recommend Kelly Handerhan's CISSP course on Cybrary it's free ( used to be), it's GREAT and has a concise focus.  Plan to watch these videos twice…once now and once within 3 days of the exam.  You will need to allow yourself about 16hrs to watch the complete set once.


For in-depth videos, I would check out Larry Greenblatt's CISSP 201x series on Youtube (30hrs of video). You do have to pay for them and they are DEEEEEP, but they are a great resource. I can provide contact details if needed.  I bought his CISSP set and CRISC sets.

Alternatively, there is David Miller's CISSP Certification series on SAFARI. Again, you'll have to pay to view them but they are also an in-depth resource.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

wow!! Let me get back to my Syebx 7th edition as its been few months for now, I am gonna use CBK on the side as well. will watch kelly along larry. thank you so much for all this.