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Contributor III

Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

No worries. Its been many years since I have looked at CCCure. It may have changed dramatically and find me talking straight out my backside. If this has changed please let us know so we are not publishing sketchy information.


Good discussion, folks.


- b/eads

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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment



just for completeness sake: if it were really that easy to fake knowledge by doing a brain dump of answers of whatever questions CCCure offers, everybody would be a CISSP and these five letters would be degraded to a meaningless acronym.


Actually, many of the questions I found on CCCure in those days - remember, we're talking 2011 here - were not  even overly similar to those I found in the exam. But the CCCure questions (and their answers) do test your knowledge to a sufficient level to give you some confidence that you really have the necessary level of understanding. At least, that proved to be the case in 2011, and I have this from personal experience.

Heinrich W. Klöpping, MSc CISSP CCSP CIPP/E CTT+
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Re: Failed CISSP - big time disappointment

I took the 6-hr, 250-question exam in 2017 and I did not recognize a single
question in terms of wording. What I DID notice was that my time on CCCURE
served me well in being able to understand what the question was asking and
working my way to the ISC2 response. I used to tell people the CISSP is a
truly a one mile wide, inch deep, English comprehension exam...I believe
that is still the case. The questions are written in such a way that
memorization will be close to useless because the purpose of the questions
is to test your understanding of concepts!

*Derek Lewinson, CISSP #598659*
Community Champion


OK, this is starting to get ridiculous. (Suits for libel? Get real ...)

I've known CCCure for almost 20 years now, although I haven't paid much
attention since they started charging for it.

Hey, Clement. How's the weather in Montreal?

Anywho, CCCure used to be a really handy and vital resource for studying for the
exam. As Clement said, it was the practice tests that were the main draw, and,
intitally, they were pretty good. Unfortunately, at the same time that they
started adding study guides and references to the site (circa 2003 or so), a lot of
the people who *had* been helped by the site decided to "give back," in the form
of contributing to the test bank.

This had an oddly negative effect. As I've noted elsewhere, creating proper test
questions is a non-trivial task. A lot of people wanted to help, but didn't have the
skills to create proper questions. So they just produced "trivia" style questions,
asking about random facts that they knew, but most people didn't. (Thess are also
"bar bet" style questions.) These don't represent the actual exam. A number of
people also scraped practice questions from various study guides, which aren't
based on actual security literature.

By 2006, when I was demonstrating the site to seminars, about 90% of the
questions you would encounter was this type of useless dreck.

As Clement has noted, the exam engine itself is a marvel. It allows you to tune
the domain and difficulty level of the test exam to almost exactly what you need
to study. Unfortunately, due to the "help" that Clement has received, the test
bank database itself has been polluted (with trivia questions) to the point that it's
hard to determine what utility the test exams actually have for those studying for
the exam.

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Re: CCCure

Good day, Rob, Fortunately, I moved away from Montreal and no longer have to deal with the cold weather and the amazing amount of snow they had this year. I am now enjoying the sun of Florida. As far as people contributing questions within the quiz engine, I can say with accuracy this is a VERY VERY small percentage of the questions today. It was the case years ago when it was totally FREE access. We mostly generated operation money by selling publicity and doing mass emails on behalf of other companies. We no longer do this and we do not do marketing for others anymore and we don't have dozens of banners anymore from third party. It was NOT well received by the users of the quiz engine and people prefer a clean interface without cluttering at a fair price. If you have not visited the site recently, I would recommend you do so. It is days and night compared to what it used to be years ago. When I see universities such as Kaplan using our quiz for their CISSP students instead of their own Transcender tests, I am pretty happy. They are a good judge of its content. Let's not turn this into a never ending thread. Bottom line is: You are doom if you do and you are doom if you don't. Anyone who has produced, published, generated, or authored any content available online will be criticized for it and there will never be total satisfaction. It puts a smile on my face when I see that most of the negative comments are from competitors who prefer trashing others than improving their content. Best regards to all Clement
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