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Newcomer III

Double payment request on website

So, I always pay my AMF's up front.


It helps me not have to worry about them all the time.


Normally, I pay, get online (once every few months) and see that I owe 0. Great.


This time, I paid, got a receipt, and see that I still owe 85$'s.


I noticed someone else also paid and is still being charged.


Someone needs to check the system or the accounting dept.


I am not going to pay twice.


Once is sore enough.

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Newcomer I

Re: Double payment request on website

I saw this message this morning too.  Not sure if it was some sort of hiccup, or if the new pricing for the CISSP AMF's triggered this.  Not sure if you saw, but the annual maintenance fee's are going to be 125 per year after July 1st.  Personally, I am not happy about this.  No real explanation was given for the price hike and it just seems like a greedy cash grab to me. 

Newcomer I

Re: Double payment request on website

I received an error when I paid my AMF online yesterday; yet the $85 was still deducted from my credit card.

This was before they announced the ludicrous 47% increase later in the day.


I contacted member support about the issue a number of times but to no avail i.e. no response.

And where has the Online Chat help gone? This was the only redeemable feature on the convoluted ISC2 website. Coincidence that this helpful feature disappeared at the same time of the fee increase?

And don't get me started on the AMF payment screen on their website. The early 1990's called ...... they want their code back.

Newcomer I

Re: Double payment request on website

What irritates me the most about all of this is how little you actually get when you pass the exam that is one of the toughest exams in the industry, and most prestigious .  Your $700 exam fee and your now $125 dollar a year maintenance fee gets you: 


- Welcome kit that has a membership card (a waste of plastic)

- A certificate 

- A pin


No coffee lanyard...not even a bottle opener. I get ungodly amounts of swag when vendors come and try to make a sales pitch, yet the organization I am shelling out tons of my hard earned money to can't even bother to give me something usable to remind me why I slaved for months to pass the exam.  


I guess we are supposed to be happy for having the privilege of putting the acronym "CISSP" on our Linked In profile? The only positive I can see is if you have multiple ISC2 certifications you only have to pay the one fee and not a fee for every cert.


Re: Double payment request on website

I also always pay when my dues are due, and have always thought that was for the upcoming 1 year period.

My period starts in February.  A couple weeks ago I paid one marked 1/31/2019.  in my mind I was paying my 2019 dues in advance.


I quick phone call to isc2 and they tell me I am not correct and I just paid for last 12 months I had the certificate.


I questioned that I paid money to become certified, and I pay yearly to keep certified. 

ISC2 said when I became certified, I only paid a testing fee, and at the end of the first year I was paying the dues for that past year Smiley Sad.  Now they want me to pay the current years dues in advance (before 6/30/19).



Re: Double payment request on website

@MikeGlassman  Thank you for your inquiry. Please note, although you have paid for the current three-year cycle, with the new change to the AMFs, your first year of the new three-year cycle will be due on the cycle start date. This is where the extra $85.00 is coming from (not technically extra). 



Three-year cycle dates: February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2019 

  • All AMFs are paid for the three-year cycle
  • All CPEs have been submitted
  • Member is set to renew on February 1, 2019 for a new three-year cycle

On February 1, 2019 when the member renews for a new three-year cycle, the first AMF of $85.00 will be due that day, to cover the first year AMF. There will be an invoice ready prior to February 1, 2019 so the payment can be made. 


If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly by sending a DM or emailing.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Newcomer III

Re: Double payment request on website

Amanda good day,
I sent you an email.
I am shocked that you think I need to pay an additional 85$'s when I already paid for 2019.
Someone at ISC2 has gone money mad and you are on the verge of losing members, and are too blind to see it.
To say it's not technically an extra payment is a blatant lie and an attempt to gain extra money. I will literally end up having paid 170$'s while people who pay the 125$'s will pay less.
I have been a member since 2004. It does not look like I will be a member in 2019 anymore.
Community Champion

Re: Double payment request on website


@MikeGlassman, have you retained any confirmation emails or invoices from (ISC)2 following the payments made earlier? If yes, simply produce these for each of annual payments of $ 85, to demonstrate that you had indeed paid the dues, and (ISC)2 should accept that...



Shannon D'Cruz,
Viewer II

Re: Double payment request on website

I must agree with your comments. I cannot make sense on how they think they can double their annual membership fees and think this will not affect their current memberships and new ones. How they justify this when you compare them to COMPTIA membership fees.

Community Champion

Re: Double payment request on website



@amandavanceISC2, I require some clarification related to this, having just made a payment on the site.


For my last cycle, I made 3 payments of 85 USD each for the past 3 years, with the confirmation invoices shown below:


CISSP Purchase confirmation - 20161130.png



CISSP Purchase confirmation - 20170806.png



CISSP Purchase confirmation - 20180129.png



What I paid today were the renewal fees for the next cycle, which should be covering the 1st year, for which the amount showed as 85 USD. The invoice I got after the payment is shown below:



CISSP Purchase confirmation - 20190201.png


Payment for 2019 (1st Year)



On the member dashboard of the site, I see that my membership fees of 125 USD will be due on 01 March 2019, as shown below: 


CISSP dues - 20190201.png



From your explanation to @MikeGlassman earlier in this thread, I understood that this reflects subsequent dues, which in this case, should be for the year 2020, due in 2020 --- so why is 01 March 2019 stated as the due date?



The details as I've understood them are shown in the table below. Please confirm the actual due dates of the AMFs for my 2nd and 3rd years of the cycle 01 February 2019 to 31 January 2021.


Cycles & AMFs.png



(Also, why is it that all the invoices for the 1st cycle have the same number, if they're different payments?)



Shannon D'Cruz,