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College Transcript Question

Good afternoon community. Had a question I was hoping someone could answer. I just recently enrolled into college, and after going through my degree plan, there are three courses for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Since I have obtained my CISSP, I am hoping they will accept the credit. Problem is, they need an official transcript from ISC2, meaning it can't be sent from me, only the issuing organization. 


Does anyone have any idea who I need to contact in order to take care of this?


Thanks all, and keep on protecting!


Daniel Brown

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Community Champion

(ISC)² has a number of options for how you could contact them  I have had excellent results with both phone calls and emails.  If you use email, I do suggest including your member number, found right at the top of

Newcomer I



Another idea is providing them with your (ISC)2 Digital Badge from Acclaim. They can easily verify and validate your credentials, skills, and experience. For more information click on the link below!


I hope this helps!




Hello Daniel,


Thank you for your inquiry. We do not have an official "transcript" to provide; however, we can provide a letter on company letterhead to your school with the dates you earned your CISSP. Along with the letter, you may also consider submitting a copy of your certificate (we have an option to download a digital certificate). To request a certification verification letter, please email us at In your request, please include the following:


  1. Your primary email address on file
  2. (ISC)² member ID number
  3. Permission to release your information to your school
  4. The schools name, and email address to where the letter needs to be sent

Best Regards,

Amanda Vance