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Certificate not received

I received my confirmation for endorsement as a CISSP came on second week of Jan 2019. (ISC)2 indicated that i should expect my certificate and badge to be shipped in 4 to 8 weeks time.Its now my 10th week week waiting. The worst part is that there is no facility for me to track it as its being shipped to me.I  am becoming so anxious thinking it might be lost somewhere in between.
Please tell if there any way to trace the certificate status. I would recommend that in future (ISC)2 should engage an  established courier services for sending certificates for tractability and avoiding unnecessary anxiety to its members, Thanks
Manu Thomas
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Community Champion

Are you sure it said 4-8 weeks? Every email about a new certification I've ever received from ISC2 said the welcome pack would take 8-12 weeks. While emails about certificates for renewed certifications have stated 4-6 weeks.


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There is no tracking system, but you will have to wait 12 to 13 weeks.

Chandra Mouli, CISSP, CCSP, CSSLP
Advocate I

ISC(2) is a small shop so timing may take a bit longer during certain times of the year. My understanding is the end of the calendar year through the first quarter have historically been a bit slower than the rest of the year. Reason being is that more people sit for the exam December through February from what anecdotal evidence I have seen and heard over the many years.


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I was wondering if it was necessary to pay AMF in order to be CISSP certified and to receive the welcome Kit (with the CISSP diploma).


Does it make 8-12 weeks to receive the certificate after endorsement or after paying AMF ?