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CPEs for Preparing New Training/Lecture

As an "extracurricular activity" at work, I've prepared a couple of optional cybersecurity education training sessions for "lunch and learn" opportunities.  I looked back at the CPE guide and noticed that there doesn't seem to be the detailed guidance as to how many CPEs are earned for preparing a new short training session that I recall being there in previous revisions of the handbook.  Before, I believe there was some multiplier based on how how many hours the session lasted (something like 3x or 4x) as the standard CPEs earned in preparing a training session of that length.  The current handbook seems to only have specific guidance for CPEs earned in preparing to present existing material.  How should I calculate my CPEs earned for preparing a short training session?  Thanks!  

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Re: CPEs for Preparing New Training/Lecture

@Tamdrik Thank you for reaching out to us. You can submit this one of two ways. The first would be to submit for up to 10 CPEs under the Unique Work Related Experience category. Since this was for work, but not part of your day-to-day activities, you may submit 10 CPEs for this project. If you feel this is not a unique project, you may submit under "Preparing existing training" (even if it's new). Below is how to submit CPEs for the training. If the training is less than a day, I would submit either 1 or 2 CPEs (no more than 2) for the course.


Preparing existing training - 1 day course equals 2 CPEs
2 days course equals 5 CPEs

5-7 days course equals 10 CPEs
semester (12 or more weeks) equals 20 CPEs


If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to send me a DM or email me directly at 


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance