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Newcomer II

CPEs and Pen Testing labs

Hi there!


I was wondering if I could get some direction on applying CPEs against things like or other similar Pen Testing training labs?


Would you consider a per hour or more along the lines of a per "hacked" box/exercise?


Only asking so that I'm not seen as abusing the system but, at the same time, earning CPEs commensurate with the skills I'm acquiring!

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@RRMaillet Thank you for your inquiry. You may submit 1 CPE per hour of attendance for each lab you complete as these are can be considered self-study since you are learning. You would submit this under the 'Education' tab and then 'Online webinars, podcasts and other online training'. 


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Newcomer III

Great news - a quick update I spotted online..


You can now use HTB boxes to claim CPEs directly if you a HTB VIP - this to me is a good positive step and helps CISSPs and ISC2 certification holders validate their technical skills.




@amandavanceISC2 can the CPEs from such CTFD challenges be submitted under "Education" -> "Courses and Seminars - Other"? “presenter” and “year published” fields under “online webinars, podcasts and other online materials” are a bit confusing for me.

Contributor II



If you haven't already, please contact Member Services and one of our Member Support Coordinators can answer your CPE-related questions.


Tony Shiver

Manager, Member Services

For questions or issues related to candidate/member services, please contact: