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Newcomer I

CPEs - Higher Academic Course

I am doing a master's degree in Cybersecurity Law that is 30 credit hours. While some of the classes are law specific, all include interaction and discussions where cybersecurity topics are involved.


This semester, I have 3 classes: Legal Ethics, Administrative Law, and Cybersecurity Law. I would assume the first two count as Group B (since they are not cybersecurity-specific) and the third would be group A.


Do I count just the semester hours or the hours I spend studying per week or what?

I spend about 3-4 hours per week on studying and assignments for each 16-week class. (12-16 hours/week total)


I also read articles and listen to podcasts/audiobooks related to cybersecurity.

How do I submit these? 1 hour per item? 



Melleive Marce

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Re: CPEs - Higher Academic Course

@Melleive Thank  you for your inquiry. To confirm, the first two will be listed as Group B CPEs and the third course is Group A since it is domain related. For each course, you may submit under the Higher Academic category for up to 40 CPEs per course. Potentially, this means 80 CPEs in Group B for the first two courses and 40 Group A CPEs for the third course. For podcasts and webinars, you would submit these under the 'Education' tab and then 'Online webinars, podcasts and other online training' for 1 CPE per hour of attendance.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance