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CPE how to?

Dear All,

I have been asked by ISC2 to fulfill my CPE points for the last year.

Unfortunately the whole process is a bit unclear for me.

Others organizations have this process more easier : for example

->organization X needs 120 points within 3 years cycle to extend my certification for next three years

->rules are very clear: 40 points for new certification in the IT security field.


In december 2018 I have passed SSCP exam.

After passing this exam I took preparation and self-study in order to achieve others certification.


In 2019 I have passed:
->Microsoft Security Fundamentals
->Comptia Security+
->Comptia Advanced Security Professional


As I understand the CPE book correctly I have to get every year:

15 point for group A and 5 point for group B

Every hour spend on learning to those exams is worth 1 CPE so there is a question.

Let's say that:

->I spend 10 hours for preparing to MSF(reading a book and learn it)

->40 hours to prepare to pass Comptia Security+

->about 120 hours spend in order to prepare to pass the most advanced certification CASP

But maximum points are just 40.

So how about the CASP exam?


Regarding the B group: it consists all the activities which are not connected with IT security field?

I finished some on line courses on Udemy(python programming etc) so it would be OK?


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Defender I

Thanks for quick replay.

So I found it:

Self-study related to research for a project or preparing for a certification examination


Should I add those certifications to: "Education Courses and Seminars"?

I do not see any other matching options...