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CISSP Endorsement Application error



I have passed my CISSP exam the 15th of October and I am trying to submit the endorsement form since then.


I keep having the error message :


You must resolve the following error before you can continue:
You must have passed the certification within the last 9 month. Contact (ISC2) member services at for additional information.


I have sent multiple emails but no answer yet.


Maybe someone can be of help / advice ?

Truthfully it is starting to be quite frustrating.

I can see I am not the only one for whom it happened.



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Contributor II

@NJA6370 This is almost certainly due to multiple accounts which will need to be merged.


If you haven't already, please contact Member Services and one of our Member Support Coordinators can assist you with getting your accounts merged so you can proceed to the next endorsement steps.


Tony Shiver

Manager, Member Services



For questions or issues related to candidate/member services, please contact:

Hello @tonyshiver ,


Thanks for replying.

As said, i already sent multiple emails between the week end and until now.

No news from them.




I am experiencing the same issue. Today marks calendar day 7 since I provisionally passed the exam. Also like you, no response. I was attributing my situation as still falling within the established time-frame (2-5 business days) but it seems I read posts where that time-frame is surpassed with no action from ISC2.


I'm not aware of another account I'd have that would need to be merged, so not sure if that response from @tonyshiver applies to me as well.


Hello @Bluegas68 ,

So right after complaining here, oddly i got a mail response almost right away (finally).

In my case it was because the email i used for pearson was not the same that is used on this ISC site when i registered. So they merged the accounts and now it works.

But they did not tell me it was fixed so when i tried to log back in here (just to check), it said that my password was wrong. So i suspected they finally did the work after almost a week.


I had to reset my PW in order to get my access back but I also lost my nickname on the forum in the process. I had to use another one as it is said that someone else already took my nickname (well yeah it was me before the merge).🤣