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Newcomer III

CCSP - HaaS Models



I'm and studying the CCSP material at the moment.  I am reviewing the current models such as IaaS, PaaS SaaS.

Where would outlaying "as a service"  models fit in?  For example, Hardware as a Service fit within these models, or is it just not included in the material?

I was wondering what the ISCx2 opinion is on this, would hardware as a service actually be encapsulated in PaaS and IaaS? I thought it was an interesting topic (something to kick off my forum posting) and I would ask what ISCx2 and other professionals viewpoints were on this topic.  



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Newcomer II

Hi all,


Reading all of the comments, I was looking information about CCSP, and I have found this discussion about HaaS. I have read a lot of information about cloud computing, and all of them describes their topology for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS only, and also I have read that any other acronime used it is pure commercial meaning.


I.e. A vendor says. "We provide Security as a Service, and they call it SaaS", or other could says, "We provide Development as a service, and they call it DaaS", and so on with any service that they could be offering to customers.


Hence, for Cloud Computing topology, there exist IaaS, PaaS and SaaS only, anything beyond there, it is commercial meaning only by a specific vendor, but be careful on the concepts for each one of them, i.e. if some vendor says, "We provide development as a Service", normally they use Platform as a Service to do so.