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Viewer II

CCSP Endorsement Error



When i go to endorsement page for CCSP, it says your endorsement will automatically done by ISC2 since you are already CISSP certified. But, when i go at the end of submission of my CCSP request. It prompts me to submit document if i am applying on the basis of CISSP wavier but it does not give me any upload option through out the process where i can upload my CISSP certificate.


Please Help.


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Community Champion

Re: CCSP Endorsement Error

You don't need to upload your CISSP certificate when submitting a CCSP endorsement application - as you can see the system knows you already hold the CISSP.


This just looks like a new bug in the system, which you'll need to contact Member Support to resolve.


They tend not to work weekends so try calling them on Monday morning. Or maybe one of the kind employees who help to manage and administer the forum can help you when they next log in?







Community Manager

Re: CCSP Endorsement Error

Thanks! I've shared this with Member Support so the Endorsements team can look into this.
Viewer III

Re: CCSP Endorsement Error


I've been encountering the Endorsement error as well since November 6 2019.

Please help!