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Associate of (ISC)2 Toward CISSP

I have been working in information security for over two years and recently passed the CISSP exam. I went to pay my annual maintenance fee and it says "Associate of (ISC)2 Toward CISSP - Year 1 of 6". Should I be concerned that it says "Year 1 of 6"?  I'm on year 3 of 5 because of my work experience and degree, though there doesn't seem to be anywhere on the site to update this. I want to make sure I'm going through the proper steps so there's no problem with my endorsement in a couple years.


Also, on the endorsement application page, if I select "Associate" it prompts "Do you want to submit your application for an Associate Membership?" I'm hesitant to hit the submit button because it doesn't ask for any other information. But I think this is what I need to do within 9 months of taking the exam.


Thank you for any clarity you can offer.


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Checking with Member Services on this ... will get back to you!
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Hi there. When you don't have the required experience (5 years in at least 2 of the domains) for the full CISSP, you can opt to become an associate. This allows you 6 years to gain the needed experience to apply for the full CISSP credential.

Sounds like you are doing it correctly. When it says "year 1 of 6" that refers to what year you're in since passing the exam, not how much experience you have. Once you meet the experience requirement for the full CISSP you can apply for it. But until then you still get to maintain the associate designation.

@christinamorgan Thank you for your inquiry. The Associate of (ISC)² (working towards the CISSP) status, will provide individuals a maximum of 6 years to obtain the 5 year work experience requirement. Since you are currently in your first year of holding the Associate of (ISC)² status, it is correct to show year 1 of 6. Associates of (ISC)² do not have to remain an Associate for the entire 6 years. Once you meet the work experience requirement, you may submit your endorsement application. 


As long as you are listed as an Associate, you do not have to fill out any further information on the endorsement page unless you have met the 5 year requirement. If you would like me to verify your status, please send me a DM with your (ISC)² ID number and primary email address on file and I will take a look. 


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance