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"Canada Cyber Safe" certificate ...

Up here in the Great White North we are having an election.


The current government has stumbled badly in a very large number of areas.


Unfortunately, this seems to have convinced the leader of the most likely alternate party that he doesn't need to have any more detailed political platform than running around screaming "He's bad!  He's bad!"  He has promised to do better than the current government at reducing carbon emissions and managing the economy, but has signally not given any details on how that might be accomplished.


So, now he is saying that he will ensure that all Canadians are protected from cyber security risks.  How?  He will implement a "Canada Cyber Safe" certificate.  What will it do?


No details ...



Canada Cyber Safe badge.png



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Quoting from the article:

Scheer said the “Canada Cyber Safe” certification would ensure products that incorporate artificial intelligence or that can access the internet meet ethical and safety standards.

Hey, @rslade is Canadian, reports that he "may or may not be an artificial life form" and accesses the Internet.  Maybe we can get him a hooked up with Cyber Safe certification to replace his recently lost CISSP.  If he gets really lucky, maybe it will even come with a badge!



Oh wait, I see @rslade updated his post and came up with a badge of his own,