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What IT Security Certifications Are Growing As Desired By Employers

According to the Cyber Edge group's 2022 Cyber Threat Defense Report, employers interviewed indicated that certifications in cloud security and software security as shown below are in top demand.  These certifications would include the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) and Certified Software Security Lifecycle Professionals (CSSLP).    According to the trends I've been tracking on Indeed from employer job postings it appears however, the certification trends posted in employer job openings have the CISSP followed by ISACAs Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) as the top certifications. CCSP and CSSLP are among the lower ranked advertised certifications for employer job openings.  Maybe the new trend hasn't caught on yet with employer job advertisements?


Screenshot 2022-09-30 165112.png

Screenshot 2022-09-30 165910.png

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Contributor II

Employers rarely know or care what specific area of cybersecurity is covered by a given certification. Most of the job descriptions that list CCSP or CSSLP put them in a laundry list of every related certification they happen to know of.

CISSP is special in this regard, in that it covers a bit of everything. A CISSP should have at least a minimal familiarity with anything.
Contributor I

Interesting stats and points of view. Thank you for sharing this information with us.




Thanks for sharing these stats - Im shocked that CEH is still kicking around. The people posting the Job descriptions must have no idea how worthless that cert is.

Advocate I

Not to besmirch the EC Council but yeah, its been very hard to take this cert seriously since its inception.


To be honest with everyone, I really don't look at certs as a part of my criteria at all but a "nice to have" only.


- B/Eads

Viewer II

Thank you for this statistics..
I'm transitioning to Cybersecurity and about to sit for my cert soon.

I just got a tip on the next path to take.
This is helpful.
Anyone willing to share more tips for a newbie like me I would appreciate.
Newcomer I

Expects CCSP is getting more popular than CEH very soon.