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The sun stopped in it's tracks ...

The Weather Channel got hit with ransomware yesterday.  I'm not really sure who is so desperate as to want to extort the weather for money!


Personally, I use Wunderground because I like the tie to personal weather stations.

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Perhaps someone who wanted to take out his wrath on the weather, with an arsenal limited to ransomware --- the channel was the closest he could get... Man Wink



Shannon D'Cruz,
Community Champion

Hmmmm I am bored and tired of winter, think I will mess with it and make the sun shine ????


A target is a target and money is money.  Folk will do almost anything to get money.  Silly as it seems to us, they were probably thinking they might be able to get at other targets.



Influencer II

Being in Canada, I use Environment Canada, which just released a really wonderful new app ...


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This is not as daft as one might think - in 2010 a Lady from Los Angeles called Angeles Duran, where legal papers officially gave her ownership of the Sun.


And if you look back at the culture of the Maori's, they stated they could own the "air" we breath and the "water" we drink as well.


"Ownership -- and profits -- can only be claimed when you contain water, say in a pipe or bottle. Hence the ability of councils to charge you for your rates and bottling companies to sell you bottle-sucking suckers water from a spring.

Equally as simply, at first, is the Maori Council's claim to the Waitangi Tribunal. Essentially it says Maori have property rights dating back before the Treaty of Waitangi. If the water from springs, lakes or rivers on Maori land is being used make money for said councils and bottlers, for example, they deserve a slice of the action."


Now you could then state who owns the Moon, weather etc etc and the debate goes on and on....










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