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The Crypto News July 2024 CSA

Hi All


July Newsletter

Dear Readers,
Here is your eagerly awaited monthly Crypto News, compiled for you by Dhananjoy.
This month, the compilation is truly international, with news from China (4), India (10), a historical review explaining how crypto helped end apartheid in South Africa (26), news from Estonia (25) and many others. Since France has been in the news recently and will be again towards the end of the month (have you ever heard about Olympic games?), we can also look at their Quantum program in (3), learn about their progress in quantum computing (6), or see how a combination of QKD and PQC might be a great solution in (22).
Maybe the most useful article, giving advice on why, when and how to get ready against the Quantum Threat is (33), with an interview of Dustin Moody from NIST. This is truly information from the source. And interesting one as well.
If you are into the fundamentals of quantum versus classical information theory and are ready for a harder read, (2), or equivalently (32), should be your choice. We learn that quantum could offer a great solution for some tasks, even if classical computation is found to be easy (i.e. no hard problem to rely on). A bit on the hard side, but fascinating.
In any case, you can also make your own choice. Enjoy your reading!

The Crypto News editorial is authored by the Chair of the Quantum-Safe SecurityWorking Group (QSS WG) of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Bruno Huttner, Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives at ID Quantique SA and it is compiled by Dhananjoy Dey.

Disclaimer. The QSS WG does not express an opinion on the validity of the ideas and the claims presented in the articles in this newsletter.


Have a good read.





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Thanks for sharing this information with us @Caute_cautim.



Kyaw Myo Oo
Manager , CB BANK PCL