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The Center for Cyber Safety & Education Provides Free Online Safety Materials for Adults & Children


The Center for Cyber Safety and Education, previously known as the (ISC)2 Foundation, has always provided important educational materials to help keep everyone safe online, especially our children and senior citizens.Comic.jpg


With the current changes to the workplace, many people are working remotely – some who have never previously done so. The Center provides tips for safely working from a remote location while avoiding the COVID-19 virus. The center also offers employees steps to keep safe from digital viruses and other malicious threats, and make sure their systems are up-to-date.

Garfield Screen Digital.png


While working remotely full time, parents are also attempting to educate and entertain children digitally while keeping them home. Now, more than ever, it is important that children know how to safely use the internet while they may be online longer and unsupervised.


The Center is providing free Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures online lessons for parents to teach their children internet safety. Parents can access Garfield eLearning subscription for free from now until the end of April. To get access, register for free here. If you are looking for additional resources, you can also purchase the Garfield Comic Book Bundle for $14 using code “KidsCode” here. Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures is filled with age-appropriate educational materials to teach children the importance of cyber safety. These lessons include topics such as cyberbullying, safe posting and online privacy.

Cybrina Online Etiquette.PNG


During this stressful time, adults may be more likely to clicking on COVID-19 links or articles. Threat actors will take this opportunity to prey on those who may let their guards down. The Center also provides useful tips to avoid potential online scams.


The Center for Cyber Safety and Education and (ISC)2 want everyone to stay safe and healthy both physically and digitally. For more information on these resources and tips, visit


Join the discussion. What have you and/or your company done to help your new remote staff stay safe digitally during this unprecedented time?





ISC2 Community Manager
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Community Champion

@AndreaMoore Thanks for sharing this.


Wonderful news.





ISC2 Former Staff

Thank you for sharing. We are glad to be able to provide resources during this difficult time for everyone. 


Reminder that we also offer free resources in over a dozen languages for senior citizens, parents and youth:


Kind regards,

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