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Influencer II

My intellectual property senses are tingling ...

So Gloria, who really does not care about superhero movies one way or another, was puzzled by the news about Spiderman movies being in short supply in the future.


Marvel Comics owned Spiderman, the character, and all derivatives.  But, pre-2002, it wasn't in the movie business.  Sony was, and licenced Spiderman as a movie property.  (I don't know what the details of the licence contract was like: it would be interesting.)


Then Marvel got into the movie business itself, using other Marvel characters.  Eventually, it wanted to use Spiderman in the "universe," and so, presumably, came to some sub-back-licensing deal with Sony, since Sony held the Spiderman licence.


(At some point, Disney bought Marvel Studios, and may have had some non-compete contracts with Sony, which might make this even weirder ...)


Currently, Sony presumably still has some time remaining on its original Spiderman licence/contract with Marvel.  But Disney/Marvel Studios has been unable to come to an agreement with Sony on further use of Spiderman in movies.  So, for the moment, no more Spiderman in Marvel Studios pictures.  (This is too bad for the actor who has been working on pictures under the interim agreement ...)


At some point the Sony licence/contract will presumably run out.  Or Sony and Disney may be able to come to terms.  But, until then, we are in an alternate legal universe ...



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2 Replies
Community Manager

Completely on a personal note, this makes me anxious for the future of the MCU and Spidey movies. They have been so good and I'm worried Phase 4 is going to be meh at best.
Newcomer II

This will definitely be interesting. I do like how Marvel/Disney has used Spider-Man in the MCU, but we'll see what happens with this Sony/Disney fiasco. This version of Spider-Man in the MCU is definitely my favorite though and I hope to see it continue.