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IST Ransomware Taskforce Report

Interested to hear further thoughts on this report as you read through it. Positive, negative, optimistic, pessimistic, whatever your chosen flavor is on the subject. Still going through it myself. Also check out the new PDI course on Ransomware: Identify, Protect, Detect, Recover


RTF Report 


"This report outlines a comprehensive framework of actions (48 in total) that government and industry
leaders can pursue to significantly disrupt the ransomware business model and mitigate the impact
of these attacks in the immediate and longer terms. These recommendations were collaboratively
developed by the Ransomware Task Force (RTF) — a broad coalition of volunteer experts from
industry, government, law enforcement, civil society, cybersecurity insurers, and international
organizations — to provide a strategic framework for a systemic, global approach to mitigating the
ransomware problem."


"The framework is organized around four goals: deter ransomware attacks through a nationally
and internationally coordinated, comprehensive strategy; disrupt the ransomware business model
and reduce criminal profits; help organizations prepare for ransomware attacks; and respond to
ransomware attacks more effectively."

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Re: IST Ransomware Taskforce Report

Expect to see more support for the ideas listed in this report it will come from the organizations this task force came from. I am already seeing more and more news and intel feeds discussing the topic.