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Influencer II

How NOT to write a COVID-19 policy ...

Somebody posted this company policy in respect of COVID-19 on LinkeDin.  As with many such LinkeDin postings, it seems designed by somebody who is big on setting up rules for other people, primarily interested in blowing his own horn and self-promotion, and with little experience of how things will actually work in the real world.


There are so many holes in this policy that finding them is left as an exercise to the reader.


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Community Champion


I'll just suggest some amendments to one of the sentences on the linked page: -


'If anybody doesn’t feel safe from coronavirus in general, or feel that their peers decisions around overseas travel is putting them at risk, or finds any holes in this policy, please come to speak to me in confidence.'


That's all I can think of.   Man Wink



Jokes aside, where I work --- Saudi Arabia --- there's not much on about Covid 5, save occasional messages from the Ministry of Health about precautionary measures. Nothing more; the only reason I bought surgical masks in January was on account of the dust storms we get here.


Anyway, last week guys from a Chinese company came our office for a project to install a CCTV system. I happened to get a look into a meeting room where they were making a presentation, & saw 1 Chinese guy and 3 Arabs from that company --- with 6 of our staff wearing surgical masks.


(We have no company policy, either mandating, forbidding or recommending the use of masks. It was an amusing sight)





Shannon D'Cruz,