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Re: Florida "state" password

@Startzc wrote:

... why should I be required to eloquently reply...?

It is not required to be eloquent. What is required is to be respectful.  To participate on this community, one is required to follow the rules set forth by is owners and to which @AndreaMoore  (thier official representative) earlier provided a link.


As for the topic at hand, no need to wonder about the justification.  The article Rob provided contains a link to the affidavit for the search warrant which enumerates the probable cause resulting in the warrant's issuance.  It also makes clear the Affiant's intent to search her computing devices to develop the requisite evidence (or in your vernacular, "non-repudiation").


AFAIK, no charges have been issued, so I am not yet able to speculate how easily either party may prevail.

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Re: Florida "state" password

I'm *SO* glad that my initial post has engendered such thoughtful discourse and
high quality debate.

(I *told* you the story was a mess. Somehow it seems to create additional messes

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Re: Florida "state" password

I'm just glad the argument flared and died.


So what're the three legs of this broken-leg stool?  The system must be 

  1. Secure
  2. Easily Accessible
  3. Always available

Insert the obligatory "you can only pick two", and the password is solarwinds123

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