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Influencer II

Filming in a SCIF?

Ummm, perhaps someone in the US, with a better understanding of the situation, can explain to us non-USians why a bunch of your members of Congress thought it was OK to storm a secured area and film what was happening?  (Which, as I understand, it the time, was pretty much nothing ...)


I mean, I know that politicians of all nationalities and stripes are arrogant enough to consider themselves above a wide varieties of laws and regulations.  But, given that this particular area was one in their purview, is it realistic to believe that these louts are so abysmally ignorant of the security requirements?


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Defender I

@rslade wrote:

Ummm, perhaps someone in the US, with a better understanding of the situation, can explain to us non-USians why a bunch of your members of Congress thought it was OK to storm a secured area and film what was happening? ...

1. Members of Congress, like so many "executives" consider themselves above the rules. (It is not illegal to bring recording devices into a SCIF*, simply against the formal rules. It is illegal to improperly record classified information, whether in a SCIF or not.)

2. The presiding committee chairman had specifically stated that the meeting in progress was not classified.

3. Based on #2, there is serious question as to why the meetings are being held in a SCIF.

4. Those members who entered the SCIF contend that the hearing is itself inappropriate and in conflict both with House rules and possibly with the Constitution.

5. We in the USA are going through a political brouhaha at least as messy as the UK BREXIT fiasco, possibly worse. That event was an incident in that mess.


* Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility: In the US national security classified information program, SCI is classified information that requires special access and storage controls, beyond that necessary for its classification level, usually Top Secret, but occasionally Secret. Access to SCI material requires being on a by-name access list for that specific material. An SCI facility is a space in a building, or occasionally an entire building, constructed for storage and use of SCI material that is designed to prevent eavesdropping and capture of emanations that might expose the classified material. SCIFs are shielded for electromagnetic emanations and for sound, and have very specific access control and usage rules. One of the rules is no recording devices or radios (including smart watches and fitness fobs!) allowed unless they also are designed and approved for SCI storage..






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I was reading about that today, and got some idea about the SCIF in this article. I guess those composing the storm that struck it assume that these rules don't apply to them.



Shannon D'Cruz,
Community Champion

The facility I work in won't even let me have a BP monitoring device because it has a USB port. It happens to be for power but Security still won't let it fly. No devices of any sort that record data are allowed. Period. 


They took it upon themselves to disobey the rules and introduce a vulnerability by bringing in recording devices.   


I think Capital Hill is truly off the rails (Ozzy's song is so fitting) and not sure that it will ever get back on track.  Every congress person and senator are only out for their own advancement in power and prestige.  They don't give a rats rear end about us citizens. Most if not all should be in jail-either for what they believe in or how they behave.

Newcomer III

Each organization has a policy that governs a SCIF.  The Army's policy is included below as an example. 


Cell phone use in an Army SCIF requires prior approval from a SSO in writing for an approved device for a person that has appropriate clearance level.  Violation of the policy requires an investigation that determines potential for damage to national security and report.


There are also rules for security clearance investigations that require full disclosure of foreign contacts and financial interests.  Since violations of that process have gone unpunished, it follows that nothing will happen for Congressional representatives that have no appreciation for the rules that keep the nation secure.


Chapter 7 Portable Electronic Devices and Other Prohibited Items


71.Personally owned portable electronic devices, including personal wearable fitness devices


a. Personally owned portable electronic devices (PEDs) without audio recording, photographic, video recording, or wireless transmitting capabilities are authorized in Army SCIFs with SSO approval.


b. These devices will never be connected to DOD information technology resources. This includes for recharging.


c. PEDs that are authorized will be approved by the local SSO in writing prior to being brought into the SCIF.


d. Contact SSO Army to obtain current guidance pertaining to PEDs with Bluetooth technology that do not have audio, video, photographic, or other wireless capabilities (that is, personal wearable fitness devices (PWFDs)).


72. Restrictions


Only TS//SCI cleared personnel assigned to the SCIF may be authorized to introduce and use PEDs and PWFDs. Visitors will not be authorized to introduce PEDs into the SCIF


73.Misuse or violation of portable electronic device policy


a. Unauthorized use of PEDs jeopardizes the Army’s mission, information technology resources and information and may result in administrative, investigative, or disciplinary action. Violations of this policy will follow guidelines addressed under security incidents as outlined in DODM 5105.21, V3, Enclosure 5. Unauthorized possession or use of any PED may result in its seizure by SSOs or SSRs for the purpose of conducting a forensic or physical examination.