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Apple and repairs

Apple wants to keep it's customers: it wants to lock them in, if at all possible.


So why, then, is Apple so bad at repairs?  To the point of lying to customers about whether their data can be retrieved off damaged devices?


(From my own experiences having to use Apple computers, I recall that it's easy to do easy stuff, but almost impossible [and very frustrating] when you want to do anything interesting ...)


I note that, every time the FBI wants to get info off a criminal suspect's iPhone Apple says it's impossible, and then it's some small private outfit that actually retrieves the data.  I suspect it's a lot easier than Apple wants to make it seem.


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Community Champion

Same experience here.....


Thanks for sharing.


Contributor II

It all stems from Apples desire to maintain a lockdown on what people can do with their items.


They don't want people to be able to change memory chips, or add hard drives, or make any change that will bring about a loss in revenue.


It also makes people much more "needy" when it comes to Apple products.


they think that because it's seemingly so problematic, there must be something real good behind it.


There isn't.


It's become so attractive, that even Huawei are starting to put out high end phones that can't be opened anymore and need a service center for anything.


Market needs.


Mike Glassman, CISSP
Iguana man