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Contributor I

All Hail Transparency in Crisis!

I just wanted to take some time and invite the community to look at how well Norsk Hydro have done with their transparency in their crisis. 


Possibly one of the best incident response examples I've seen in an industrial organisation. Full transparency in all matters a very calm and cool updating of the public and stakeholders, all the while getting on with the clean up and restoration effort (all the while posting an initial incident cost of over £26 million).


I wish no such incident on anyone, but it is highly refreshing to see a company deal with this with such grace. 


You can see their website updates at

They have also demonstrated a great use of social media, in this case twitter


Cheers all.  

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Contributor II

There's no doubt that in this case, the company has strengthened it's stance with both the regulatory bodies and it's customers despite the damage and loss.


They have proven that they are willing to accept when they are wrong and stand up to the critics.


In the short run they may have lost, but in the long run they will come out ahead.


this is exactly how to deal with having egg thrown in your face.


Mike Glassman, CISSP
Iguana man
Community Champion

I agree it's great to see a company stand up and say, hey were hacked or attacked......Sad that it will cost them millions to come back to operation.


Palo Alto reports as many as 31 companies have been hit with the LockerGoga Ransomware that took out Norsk Hydro with only 3 of them publically reporting.


A decent write-up on the Ransomware can be found here: