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Newcomer II

Passed ISSEP!!!

Passed the exam on 5 Dec and wanted to share the recourses I used for preparation. Good luck all! 


  • Use the free (ISC)2 ISSEP flashcards and note the references. The bulk of your self-study will be reading these docs, 800-160 v1 will be most important!
  • Use the (ISC)2 CAP flashcards as well. 
  • I also attended a ISSEP boot camp (reimbursed by employer) through Infosec Institute. Content was a little outdated but the instructor was great and it forced me to spend an entire week reading those NIST references.
  • Read these books:
    • PMBOK 6th Ed
    • INCOSE systems engineering handbook 4th ed
    • Systems engineering principles and practice 3rd ed
  • The key things for me was understanding Systems Lifecycle activities, current RMF, roles/responsibilities within RMF, artifacts from RMF/SE/ISSE processes, and incident response.
  • An easy way to remember the SE/ISSE process mentioned in the DoD IATF is N-R-A-D-I-A.
    • Needs (Security/Operational)
    • Requirements
    • Architecture
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Assessment
  • Finally, have a good understanding of assessment and authorization, continuous monitoring, and disposal. With enough study time and dedication you should be able to craft your own study plan and knock ISSEP out of the park. Good Luck!
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Community Champion

Many congratulations and welcome to the club!


Newcomer III

Congratulations on passing
Newcomer I

Congratulations and Thanks for sharing the tips





I am about to study for the exam. I have done the CAP and am very familiar with the C&A process. I did go through some practice questions and scored about 75%. Are there any other suggestions? I understand all the NIST guides.

Viewer II

@TJM  you say "Read these books" and you list the PMBOX 6TH Ed, is there any information or chapter to hone in on?  Or just read it to be familiar with Project Managment?


Newcomer II

In particular be familiar with the Process groups and knowledge areas 
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For how long did you study?