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Technical issue with virtual Congress

Three issues I have noticed and would definitely provide a better experience.


  • Signed up prior to schedule being finalized, when site stated schedule would be published;  I did not see the schedule, and missed some important sessions, including training.
  • The Congress sessions (BrightTalk) are not persistent;  I chose my sessions, and downloaded the calendar invites as well to my iPhone.  Unfortunately, when I went to work and logged in via browser, neither my sessions, nor my calendar are available.
  • The multiple logins for the ISC2, Congress, BrightTalk and Expo sites;  an SSO may have helped with persistent scheduling.


Tas Papadopoulos


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Contributor I

I was able to go back to the site and look for sign in button and sign back in to Bright Talk from the Security Congress site and then register for sessions that I wanted to attend and you need to wait until 5 minutes before the session before it kicks off before you hear the music indicating that the session will get started.  I found that when as session ends that the video stays in the processing mode and just "spins" there.  I just navigate back to the  ; then select the item/session I want to view next and go on from there and it works.  A key point is that the sessions show a timer that counts down to start, then you need to click on the highlighted view button to continue.   


Francis (Frank) Mayer, CISSP EMERITUS
Community Manager

Thank you for letting us know. We appreciate all feedback. We will look into this for future planning. Thankfully, all sessions were recorded so you'll be able to view anything that you might have missed. We apologize for any technical issues. We'll learn from this year (as we do each year) and make next year better (whatever 2021 looks like!). 


Thanks so much for your membership and support for (ISC)². 


If you have any further questions regarding Congress, you can email the team at

ISC2 Community Manager