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Reader I


Hello everyone,


I am want to prepare for GRC certification. I am finding it difficult to get materials to get myself prepared for this exam. I will be happy if anyone could provide heads-up on how to proceed about this. Other sources of materials, YouTube etc. will be well appreciated.

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Community Manager



We do have flashcards available to help you get a sense of the content on the exam. You can fill out a form to receive those here: 


I would also suggest getting familiar with the exam outline, to identify which areas you think you need to spend more time on during your preparation: 


There's also going to be a webinar next week (April 14) They'll go over certification requirements, the domains, self-study resources, training options and more to help you build confidence so you’re ready on exam day. If you can't attend live, you can register for it and you'll get the link after to watch it on-demand. 

Newcomer III

@Kaity wrote:



... flashcards ... exam outline ... webinar

I've registered for the CGRC exam in March 2024. I've bought and read the Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CAP CBK 2nd Edition. The publisher information for the guide on Amazon says it was published in 2016, but the copyright notice in the book itself says 2013 (and a lot of the text uses terminology, examples, and references dating from the mid-2000s).


ISC2's web page for CGRC training includes a link for self study tools such as "official text books", "official study guides", and "official practice tests". But when I click on "Learn More", all I find are Kaity's flashcards (I've downloaded these, but studying flashcards is not my preferred study method) and an online study group (which hardly seems like a self study option).


Are there any current (like, in the past 3-5 years) books, guides, or official practice exams? Is there a published CAP/GRC CBK?





Viewer II


I want to take CGRC certification but as I saw there is no official textbook where we can find all the relevant and updated information related to CGRC. I am wondering if is it a good idea to take this exam when there are no proper resources.


Hi, I've enrolled with ISC2 1M. I am interested in a GRC certification and ultimately becoming employed. Can you please provide me with a roadmap of how I can achieve this? Thank you