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Newcomer I

Whats a great compliment to the CISSP?

With there being a plethora of security based certifications, which would you say would compliment the CISSP best?
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Newcomer III

To answer that question, you have to know what field within Cyber you are trying to undertake. Since I"m retired Military and I now work for the Govt, I like the NIST standards of controls to make networks secure. I've taken the time to study the Reference Management Framework(RMF), so I took and passed the Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) exam. I think for the track I'm taking, it's the perfect fit!

Newcomer III

on an off tangent, I have been an Oracle DBA for many years, and now an SSCP working to CISSP,

i think securing data ( on a database level), compliments my SSCP

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i have read all the comments posted and personally i think it depends on the current role you occupy in your organisation. I am a core Networking person so i think CEH would really be a nice to have. As CISSP looks to secure an information system, CEH finds ways of bringing it down. Also If you want to get your hands a little dirty as well it will be a good adventure because it has some hands on activities. Smiley Happy 

Newcomer I

Depends on what you're looking to tackle. Someone prior mentioned CCSP, and I would agree with that. But again, it comes down to whether or not to fall on the technical spectrum, or the managerial.

Newcomer III

As many have covered, good advice would be to choose certifications that complement your career aspirations.



It is certainly a cliche, but consider where you want to be and not where you are.


Since, whichever you choose... it will likely influence your future career trajectory!

Newcomer III

I am currently studying for the CISA because I believe that it will compliment the CISSP. A lot of the job postings that I see out there are asking for multiple certifications relating to Security for the government and private sector. I currently hold multiple certs that I worked toward during my career and it seems to be cyclical as to what is hot at the time. I believe that the CISA would be good to obtain because it shows a different skillset and it is also considered to be a higher level cert. I am also thinking that the Cyber Certs coming out would be good to work towards but the only issue I have with them is that they are so new it is hard to tell which ones will remain valuable over time.

Newcomer II




CCSP is probably the easiest continuation, you meet the experience requirement with your CISSP and you can self vouch.

Cloud is also a relatively high demand field right now and would likely net a higher salary.


If you want to stick to the list you provided, I would investigate the average pay for those certs as well as requirements for experience. 


Good Luck.




Newcomer I

CISM and CISA are generally good for most career paths.

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I currently have a CISA and CISM. I am preparing for the CISSP. I believe these three are the best compliments to each other. After those three, either the CRISC or the CCSP. 

Newcomer II

Agree with others that it really depends on your responsibilities, roles, and future goals. 


The questions is more what certs (if any) are a great compliment to your role.


If you are in healthcare, the HCISSP may be a great option. If you run a security operations teams, perhaps the ISSMP is the right next step.