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Passed the CCSP exam - My Thoughts

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It took me two tries...Flunked the first try by one question. Smiley Mad  Looking back I feel I didn't properly fight the test to the bitter end. I finished in under 2 hours.


Try #2 was no picnic either.  I took 3.75 hrs, because I  re-examined each question/answer. Against my usual advise I changed 4-5 answers because I saw provable mistakes.


I read the BOK, and used ISCs new test question book. 


Study hard...stay in the fight, you'll do fine!

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Congratulations on passing the exam.  Can you enlighten others about the format?  Is it like the CISSP test, i.e.250 questions of which 225 were graded questions and 25 were ungraded?  Also, 4 hours to take???  I have the book and am thinking about taking the exam in the future.

Contributor I

The official data on the exam is here...might as well get it from the horses mouth.


125 questions long, but I don't actually know or really care if 25 are non graded questions. I do my absolute best to answer them all. So far its a regular test, which allows you to mark and go back, (Unlike the now adaptive CISSP exam).

Yes, you get 4 hrs which seems like a long time. I did my first pass in about 90 minutes, and because I boned it the first time, I went carefully through the exam as second time, and found some provable mistakes, which I rectified.  My particular situation would have been costly if I flunked again, as I would have had to reimburse my employer $3700 for the boot camp I took. 😞

 I found the recently released ISC2 book:


To be very helpful, as well as this one:


As always, the actual questions don't appear on the exam, but knowing all those facts helps answer the more difficult exam questions. Memorization won't work alone, understanding of the concepts is what carries the day!


Study hard...test easy!


Newcomer II

Congratulations on passing the exam.


Length of exam: 4 hours

Number of questions: 125 questions

Passing grade: A passing score is 700 out of 1000 points