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Online Proctor for CISSP due to Covid 19

I am almost ready to write the CISSP exam. My challenge is that I am based in South Africa & yesterday our government announced a 21 day lockdown to try "flatten the Covid 19 infection curve". Question is are there any plans from ISC2 to allow for online proctors to monitor an online CISSP examination? I have checked with Pearson vue and SA is not listed as we use 3rd party testing centers.

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Newcomer I

Please take a deep breath.

Now breath out slowly and speak professionally.

Ahh, isnt that nice? We can have a discussion without all of the emotions.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
Newcomer III

Hahaha no emotions I am trying to have a factual conversation but flat
earthers to love to Express their feelings more so than others. That being
said we love all types in the communities
Advocate I

I am done with this thread. The world will move on without everyone bending over backwards for one candidate.


Have a pleasant day studying while I get real (security) work done.


- b/eads

Newcomer III

if you have seen the amount of online posts here and on other blogs then
there is a massive movement and requirements from everyone globally.

where i am based i can safely say having to drive a few 100 kms for a exam
in normal circumstances is already a huge problem and a barrier to entry
for most people trying to certify. the point that i was trying to make is
there is no concrete evidence to support not going the online route. taking
into consideration that this situation is not going away in anything close
to a year globally it makes sense to look at different ways to allow people
to certify.

covid is here to stay and while we are here debating the merits of these
decisions other vendors are already taking action. microsoft has been
leading the pack and they have been tracking well with their numbers. VUE
is a very good institiute and it works in their setting. does that mean ISC
needs to copy them no but if there is intent it can be done. Cisco is also
going the online route very soon so its a case of you join the trends or
you get left behind
Newcomer I

If you need a friend to talk to I would be happy to link up with you.
Newcomer III

nope i am good thank you. i would love to take a test remotely though along
with a few other 1000 odd people. if you can arrange for that i would be
forever grateful or in your debt
Newcomer III

Every crisis is an opportunity for some people. I'm trying to take advantage of the fact already described in the old posts.
In my country there are 3 Pearson Vue and they have never been allowed to examine ISC2 company exams. If ISC2 Allow online exam, in this case the cissp which is one of the security exams so required in the job market and certainly a worldwide recognition then I would be one of the blessed ones, so much that I have been studying since 2015.
a huge investment to have a CISSP certificate and it requires that I must:
-Buy a voucher,
-Buy a flight ticket to a nearby country,
-Pay a hotel or residence for the days of accommodation,
Can you imagine if you failed the first attempt? How painful and what desire would you have for the second round?
Already emailed to both sides: Pearson vue and ISC2 and unsuccessfully

Newcomer III

For indications in the post above,
I appeal to ISC2 to give a chance to be a Pearson Vue partner here in Angola or for security professionals who wish to achieve this certification.


Be the exam online or face-to-face in the future

Newcomer III

thank you for sharing that completely puts this into a new perspective for
me i have to be honest.

i know of a guy that stays in the congo and he has never been given the
chance to actually write the exam.

just keep the faith and hang in there things must change. i dont want to
write an exam in a test room where i can get infected either.
Newcomer III

for us in africa its not easy and the other posters on here have no idea of
the issues we face. at least in south africa there is a few but it also
requires some extensive travel costs etc. i also have to fly in book a
hotel etc etc. thankfully not at the extent of what your facing but ISC
needs to look at the security community. in this current climate ISC has to
provide test takers with some options to not only protect us from a health
perspective but to ensure that their certs are still relevant to the
changes by all the other security providers.