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Newcomer I

CISSP and Covid-19 Positive

Hi ISC2,


I am reposting this as the system incorrectly mark my post as spam. I am trying to get help after multiple avenues failed me. 


I was tested positive for Covid-19 last week during my CISSP examination day scheduled on 25 October 2022 at Pearson Professional Center Singapore. The test center advised me to write in to ISC2 Exam Administration for either a refund or emergency reschedule, but I have not received a response and not even an acknowledgement from ISC2. 


I called into Pearson Vue Customer Support and they gave me an ISC2 support number ending 4722 which does not connect. I also tried calling the ISC2 Asia Pacific Examination hotline published on ISC2 website during the stated hours but it does not connect either stating "Number not valid".


Please advise me what should I do next as it seems ISC2 doesn't seem to have a proper channel of communication for escalating exam matters, which is kind of disappointing.

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Contributor I

Hi @yongxian ,


Sorry to hear about your issue and then having problems to contact ISC2.


You may want to try the Customer Service support options available for you at the following link:


Contact Us | (ISC)² (


I wish you a speedy recovery and that your problem gets resolved in a satisfactory way for you.


Best Regards,


Community Champion

Sorry to hear that you fell ill.  Hope you are feeling a little better.


I find reaching out to MemberServices seems to put things into a Black hole and sometime in the future you issue MAY or May not be resolved.


I really do not understand a member organization that takes weeks to respond to a member.


My recommendation, here are some addresses you can try:


On line here, try:


@Yiannis @dhouser @LoriRossONeil @GJackson


Someone should be able to answer a member's question.





Community Manager



Hello, I am sorry you are/were sick. The best place to send exam related questions such as this is to email Please include your contact information. 


For more information, please view: 


I have forwarded this information regarding the phone number issue on for someone to investigate. 

ISC2 Community Manager
Newcomer I

Yes, I have written in to as advised by the test center, but more than a week has passed with no response or acknowledgement. Interestingly, I have no trouble receiving on-going marketing emails from ISC2.

Newcomer I

Hi All,

In case it may help anyone in similar distress, I managed to get in contact with ISC2 Exam Administration after a week and finally got a free no show voucher in late December to schedule my exam. It was a long process and the usual waiting with ISC2. Maybe they can really invest in some acknowledgement system to handle correspondences and enquiries. I scheduled my exam with the free voucher last month and managed to pass the exam. Thank you everyone for your advices.