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CISSP Endorser needs to have CISSP?



I'm currently in a director/sr level engineering role with 10+ years of experience, B.S. in IST with minor in SRA.  I know I meet all of the pre-requisites and I've already got my study materials / practice exams.  I'm planning to sit for the exam in early Fall of this year.

My question is, I read that after passing the exam - you need to have someone endorse you and they too must also have a CISSP.  Is this true or did I mis-understand?  If so and I do eventually pass, I would be the only person I know with a CISSP and I'm worried it will be difficult to find someone who can endorse my skills/knowledge that also themselves have a CISSP.  


I wont have any issues getting endorsement for skill/knowledge verification, just the endorser also requiring a CISSP is the problem.  


Let me know, any input appreciated.  Wish me luck in my studies!

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Community Manager

We are rooting for you! Good luck!


Here is the official information regarding endorsement (I highlighted it in red below for your situation). If you have further questions about your specific situation/experience, you can contact our member/candidate support team at



The application must be endorsed and digitally signed by an (ISC)² certified professional. If you do not know an (ISC)² certified professional in good standing, (ISC)² can act as an endorser for you. The (ISC)² certified professional is anyone who:

  • Is able to attest to your professional experience
  • Is an active (ISC)² credential holder in good standing

The endorser will attest that your assertions regarding professional experience are true to the best of the endorser’s knowledge, and that you are in good standing within the cybersecurity industry. You will need the endorser’s member/certification number when filling out the online application.

Once your endorsement application has been approved, the final step in the process is to pay your first Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) . If you already hold an (ISC)² certification you will not have to pay an additional AMF for your latest certification.

Endorsement Time Limit

All candidates who pass an (ISC)² credential examination must complete the endorsement process within a time period of no longer than nine (9) months.

Please note: A percentage of the candidates who pass an (ISC)² examination and submit endorsements will be randomly subjected for audit and required to submit additional information, as required, for verification. You will be notified via email if your application is selected for audit. CISSP Concentrations do not require an endorser. Current members may access the full (ISC)² Endorsement policy here.

(ISC)² Community Manager
Newcomer III

If you don't know anyone that has CISSP then (ISC)2 can act as the endorser for you.  My understanding is that you would provide them the necessary information and they would act as the endorser to verify and endorse your certification. 



You can take the CISSP exam without any experience, while not recommended, and then you'll have 6 years to complete your 5 years of industry experience. After that, you officially submit your endorsement to become an official CISSP, and then you can start using those letters after your name.