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I just failed CCSP exam again.


I attended 5 days course, 2 books, and 2600 questions from ISC2 official practice tests and other source..


my first attempt was ENd of september with result:

1. Cloud app security > below proficiency

2. cloud data security > below proficiency

3. Cloud concepts > near proficiency

4. Legal risk and compliance > near proficiency

5. Cloud security ops > above proficiency

6. Cloud platform > above proficiency


I continued to Gwen's udemy course "Prepare for the ISC2 CCSP Exam" focusing on the 4 domains that were not so good and i practiced ISC2 learnzapp around 1500 questions.


Sat the exam today with some confident because during the re-learn, i found out i was missing some concepts and i felt confident. Yet i failed with result:


1. Cloud app security > above proficiency (improved)

2. Cloud security ops > near proficiency (Drop)

3. the other 4 domains > below proficiency.


Honestly i was feeling confident but certain questions is just so mind tricking that makes me second quess myself and i had to focus on the exact word of the question in order to answer. Apparently its quite devastating and i am not sure if i have english problem... sigh..



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Community Champion

It is offered in 6 languages, "English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish" [cite]. 


You might consider passing the CC exam (certified in cybersecurity) before trying CCSP again. This will get you more comfortable with the way ISC2 words their questions.  First attempt is free; others are cheaper than CCSP.

ISC2 Team

Please reach out to me directly via message on this platform; I'm interested in hear more details on your specific situation.  I'm responsible for the team that works with volunteer member SMEs to build/review/renew the content on all of ISC2's exams.  I've also been an ISC2 member since 2009 when I passed my CISSP exam (250 questions and on paper), so I have some empathy for the issues members are bringing up.


Viewer II

  • Inability to Review Questions: Once you answer a question on the CCSP exam, you cannot return to review or change your response, limiting the opportunity for careful consideration.
  • Lack of Detailed Feedback: The exam's report card does not reveal the percentage of proficiency in each domain, hindering the ability to identify areas for improvement.
  • Cost vs. Value Concerns: The high cost of the exam, coupled with the policy of full payment for retakes, diminishes its value, especially given the exam structure and feedback limitations.
  • Logistical Inconveniences: Candidates must travel to a test center, often far away, and take the exam on a weekday, necessitating time off work, which adds to the indirect costs and inconvenience.
  • Recommendation: Considering these drawbacks, exploring vendor-specific certifications like AWS, Microsoft, or CEH may offer more flexible and beneficial alternatives for professional development in cybersecurity.