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CAP- Certified Authorization Professional

Happy 2022!!!


Did anyone pass the CAP- Certified Authorization Professional exam in 2021?  If so,
would you mind sharing the resource(s) that you used to prepare.


Hope the year is off to a great beginning for everyone, and that you're safe and well!!!


Trevor Chandler

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Newcomer III

Hello, I passed a couple of months ago in 2021. Here's my resources.


FedVTE CAP course

****NIST 800-37r2 (steps, roles, responsibilities, tasks, SDLC mapping)*** 
FIPS 199
FIPS 200
NIST 800-18
NIST 800-30
NIST 800-34
NIST 800-53/53A
NIST 800-59
NIST 800-60
NIST 800-137


Best of luck to you!


Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) is an information security practitioner who advocates for security risk management in pursuit of information system authorization to support an organization's mission and operations in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.
Newcomer I

Hi Trevor,


I just scheduled to take the CAP in May. I've been reading the Official Guide to the CAP CBK, I've downloaded the flash cards, I've also been reviewing "The Mango" by Jim and I'm going to utilize a few different Udemy courses to brush up on my familiarity with the different NIST standards. 


Hope you are well and have passed the CAP already.  


-Ryan (CISSP) 

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Where can you download the flashcards at?

Community Manager



Flashcards and other self-study resources can be found here:


ISC2 Community Manager