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best resource for CISSP recertification?

I became a CISSP in 2005.  I took the test when I was 7 months pregnant.  It was lousy timing, as I ended up dropping out of the workforce for a while shortly after getting certified.  I have been back in the IT world for about 5 years now and I'd really like to get back into security, officially.  


I bought the Shon Harris prep book a couple of years ago and have been reading that.  I feel really comfortable with the content, but I am concerned about getting tripped up on recent changes.  Now that I am finally going to take the test, what is the best resource for the new test?  I can't spare the time for an in-person class.  I just read the book last time and passed no problem.  But I don't want to wade through another giant book if only 10% or less of the content has changed.





Help! I am trapped in rural Vermont and need to go home to MI. Please hire me.
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Advocate II

I found the Shon Harris book a good reference and readable.  I didn't like the style of the official guide.

Community Champion

You might consider Eric Conrad's Eleventh hour CISSP.  It is geared towards those who already know the content, but need to brush up. It presumes more background than Shon's All-in-One book, resulting in about 250 pages instead of 1500.


The current edition of just about everything aligns with the 2015 curriculum (8 domains).  There is nothing out yet that aligns with the 2018 curriculum, not even the CBK.  However, the changes are "minor" [so says (ISC)²].


I studied with Shon's 6th edition (released 2012) and Eric's 2nd edition (released 2013). Although they were based on the 10-domain curriculum, I found they both prepared me well for the 2015 8-domain test.

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Please get on and watch the CISSP videos there. This was the most important part of my studying and helped me immensely in the test.

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I agree. Kelly Handerhan is the best. You can use Cybrary to get CPE credits as well as you might need it in the future 😉