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Newcomer II

Study Tips Needed

Hello all,


I am currently studying for my third CISSP exam and could really use some help with study tips/tricks.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Jessica Hildebrand 

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Advocate II

In my experience the best preparation is to simply learn the material.  I expect that that sounds overly simple.  But the point is to understand how you learn best.  Some people can simply read the text books and understand it, some may need a taught course or boot camp, other can learn it with videos and cue cards.  So if you've studied for other technical quals you should understand what works for you.  The CISSP isn't really a hands on thing so if you learn by doing labs etc, that won't really help you with it.


Personally I just made a combined precis of 3 textbooks covering each of the CBKs. Distilling it down is an active process, so helped me remember it all for the exam.  So once I worked out how I learnt I've been doing the same thing for the last 30 years, as it works for me.



Viewer II

Hey, when you do the exam again, try this technique for answering the questions:


Read the answers first, then read the question. That way, you brain starts to draw on information that you have already studied about the topic in each answer. 


If you start with the question, normally we would read question, read answers, then back to question, then back to answers. Valuable time is lost with that approach.


So, read answers first, the brain thinks about the possible topics, then read the question, eliminate 2 answers that do not relate, then you have a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer.


Hope that helps and all the best!