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Steganography vs concealment ciper

I've been studying for quite some  time and I keep seeing a question pop up on the "All in One" Shon Harris Exam Prep Tests (I know, I know, its not my only source but this is bothering me).

The question is:

Hiding messages within the text of this question would be considered what type of encryption method?

A. Steganography

B. Running key cipher

C.Concealment cipher

D. Frequency analysis


I feel like the answer is "A" but when I chose that the exam tells me the answer is "C"; I'm hoping someone can clarify WHY the answer would be "C" and not "A" or if the prep question has the wrong answer (Making "A" the correct choice).

Thanks for any input!

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My understanding of this is as follows:


"A null cipher, also known as concealment cipher, is an ancient form of encryption where the plaintext is mixed with a large amount of non-cipher material "


key terms here: NULL Cipher =>Concealment cipher.


And the questions states : "within  the text of this question"  --> within being another key term on this question.


I believe C is the right answer.


Please share what you think on this.



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@stacicore wrote:
Thank you!
I do believe that this edition (8th) was written with out her and there are some annotations as to some things that have changed so, yes, I believe they are maintaining the book.

That does seem likely given that the 8th edition came out 4 years after her death and lists both Shon Harris and Fernando Maymí as authors, as did the 7th edition which was released 1 year posthumously.