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Road to CISSP

Our objectif here is to share our journey chasing the CISSP certification.

Your questions are welcome.

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I'm Studying with Official study guide 7th edition to the test.


I'm always searching on online for suggestions and experience of people that taked CISSP exam recently, and I recomend the as a best place for tips about Security Cert exams.

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I was able to pass the exam by using the Official Study Guide and using I also watched the CISSP question of the day videos on youtube. A lot of the information needed to pass is in the Study Guide. I took a prep class offered by CAISSA's Birmingham Chapter and they included the guide with the class. Cheers and good luck.

Newcomer III

Also, never underestimate the power of mnemonics. ie... All People Seem To Need Data Processing. Please Do Not Throw Sasuage Pizza Away. These will help you remember the 7 Layers of the OSI Model in order from 1 to 7 and 7 to 1. Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link, Physical and vice versa. I also made up Mnemonics to help remember other lists as well. Be smart, do not panic, and get good rest the night before.


As per my experience. 


1. Go through CBK guide.

2. Try to attempt all the questions and domain from CCure.

3. Cybrary online videos 


Keep yourself cool and calm during exam because it is a real test of patience for 6 hours. 



Dinesh Dialani

Newcomer II

I agree with the mnemonics - my mom took the CISSP in 2001 (when I was 11) and I had heard her say "All People Seem To Need Dr. Pepper" many times, even before I knew why.  Later on, I used that for my CISSP.

Newcomer III

Here is a silly one I made up. I remember it because it makes no sense and will help you remember Symmetric vs Asymmetric. I made up the Symmetric one and picked the other one up from a tutorial.


Symmetric(Fast) - While wearing a cast I drove my rc car to see the animals and had an Idea about AES and DES. (N*N-1)/2
Cast, RC4/5, Serpent, Blowfish, IDEA, AES, DES, 3 DES

Asymmetric - 2N - Bulk Encryption - Every Asymmetric Algorithmn has a Buddy - SA Brothers (RSA, DSA), 2nd Set of Buddies start with
E(ECC and El Gamal, 3rd set of buddies are DH (Diffie Hellman) and Knapsack (Dougie Houser has a knapsack)

Newcomer II

We have a body in Jersey called the Channel Island Information Security Forum, and for the last three years we've run lunchtime tutorial sessions in the spring. A group of us meet up on Fridays for an hour, someone talks through part of a domain, and the idea is that you can then more easily navigate the material. I found that having someone effectively put down one overarching statement to key everything else to was really helpful.


I went through the first year and took my exam; having passed I came back as one of the tutors for the second and third courses.


I admit to making a big mistake: I bought the Jolly Green Giant (the official guide to the CISSP CBK, 4th edition). It's a fine reference book, but it is emphatically not a study guide. To work through it I took five days off work (one at a time), sat and made notes. For the last four days before the exam I used the late Shon Harris's revision tests.


Doesn't work for everyone - but it does give you a bit of variety in learning styles, which helps.

Newcomer III

I just passed on Sept 30th.  Here are the resources I utilized.  In my humble opinion you can't pass this exam just trying to memorize definitions, etc.  It's a cognitive exam that requires critical thinking in my opinion.  Good luck on your road to CISSP!!


  • Adam Gordon ISC2 Video’s
  • David Miller videos on SafariBooksOnline
  • Transcenders w\Flash Cards bought through CYBRARY at a great price
  • BOSON Exams
  • Shon Harris Video Mentor
  • Shon Harris AIO 7th edition
  • Shon Harris 7th edition Hot Spot & Drag & Drop Quiz
  • Shon Harris 7th edition Total Tester Exams
  • Eric Conrad Practice Exams A & B
  • Shon Harris 2010 Video \Audio
  • SYBEX ISC2 7th edition
  • SYBEX ISC2 7th edition Chapter tests
  • SYBEXT ISC2 7th edition Practice Exams (4 exams)
  • Eric Conrad 11th Hour 3rd edition.

Best regards,