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Newcomer I

Officially CISSP now!

Offically CISSP now!


I passed the (ISC)² CISSP exam on my first attempt on april 12 2018!
Sooo happy to finally bring this to a succesfull ending.


The exam was what they say it is … HARD … had to answer all 150 questions before i received the end screen and then you walk to the front desk, printer makes the rumbling noise … congratulations!



Currently i have been in the IT field for 18 years, for which almost 10 years in networking and security.

After taking a bootcamp in 2016 (Citbit Academy) i wasn't sure to be ready for this.
In january 2018 i made myself a promise to pass the 2016 cbk and the deadline of april 14 2018.


Study materials

Allthough i received the official ISC² CBK bible i never used it again. The reading was too hard and it just didn’t feel ok. As a replacement i ordered the following books to help me study:

  1. Sybex CISSP (ISC)² Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide 7th Edition
  2. Eleventh Hour CISSP®, Third Edition: Study Guide 3rd Edition
  3. CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Seventh Edition 7th Edition
  4. Sunflower 2.0 pdf

The Sybex CISSP Official Study Guide was my main studybook to read. I started off reading it front to back to refresh my memory and use the practice questions to see where i needed extra attention.

The Shon Harris (RIP) helped me to get some deeper info on specific subjects.

The Eleventh Hour is an excellent book read, repeat, repeat and read again cover to cover, along with the sunflower pdf.



As mentioned above i also used several videos to keep all info fresh:

  1. Pluralsight
  2. CBT Nuggets
  3. Cybrary

When you’re read a complete domain, just watch the videos of Kelly Handerhan from Cybrary. She keeps the content really simple and has a great explanation of the Kerberos ‘fancy fair’. Great learning!


Practice tests

The CISSP is bit different compared to other vendor exams. Sure you need to give the answer, but with the (ISC)² CISSP exam they sometimes give you 4 correct answers and you’ll have to provide the Best answer is the given situation which makes it more challenging. You’ll need to practice to get familiair with this type of questioning.
1.Sybex chapter tests
2.Sybex CISSP Official (ISC)² Practice Tests 1st Edition
3.Boson CISSP ExSim

Last but not least i watched a great Exam tips video on YouTube: Larry Greenblatt CISSP exam tips



Not too much to say here. Was really nervous for the exam and my hands we’re cold. The exam is in CAT format with at least 100 questions and maximum 150. It took me 2 hours to complete all 150 questions (yes i had them all) to reach my goal.



As a CISSP learner you probably know that i can only give tips and no exam questions (NDA).

  1. Just learning won’t get you certified, you have to really understand it.
  2. Think like a manager and don’t try to solve it technically.
  3. Read every question/answer slowly and at least twice.
  4. After picking the right answer, verify your answer.
  5. Keep it calm!

Hopefully it helps you with your study towards the (ISC)² CISSP exam, Good luck!!


My weekend couldn't start better Smiley Very Happy

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Newcomer I

Congratulations!  Such a great accomplishment!  


Congratulations and thank you for all the detail on your process and experience. 


I am a newby to cyber security certifications, but have 25 years of experience in IT and now interested in getting a CISSP.


However, I'm not clear on the endorsement process. It says I have to know someone already certified or ask the (ISC)² to do the endorsement. I don't know anyone, so what are the requirements the (ISC)² would need?


@Baine Congratulations on taking steps to obtain the CISSP! If you do not know a member of (ISC)² in good standing and request (ISC)² to act as your endorser, the application is the same; however, you will be required to provide proof of employment. Proof of employment can be any of the following:


  • W2's - 1 W2 for each year worked at the company, plus one extra for the year following.
  • Pay stubs - 3 for each year worked at the company (beginning, middle and end of each year).
  • Offer/Termination letter combination
  • Letter on company letterhead confirming your dates of employment


Best Regards,

Newcomer I

Congrats Martin!
Community Champion

@MartinB wrote:

Hi Paul,

had to look that one up !

It looks like at the first of the month, so 7-1-2018

Time to get ready for a lifetime of documenting CPE's and paying AMF's.


If you earn a CPE and did not turn it didn't happen!



Newcomer III

You don't know anyone?  Not to fret... can someone in a local chapter help you, or an instructor?  Fortunately I knew someone.  

Viewer II

Well Done
Newcomer II

Congratulations! I recently passed the exam and had turned in the endorsement application a week ago. I agree with you that this is not an easy test. And I am glad that it is not easy, because I think that is what's keeping the high regard of professionals to this certification.